Tuesday, 29 March 2016

82- Go Horse Camping

Finally, a how-to book on horse camping. Tania Millen is the author of her latest book - Go Horse Camping. Her mission this year is to publish it her third book through a Kickstarter project. Tania Millen is an avid outdoors person from Terrace, British Columbia. She has ridden horses for over thirty years in Canada, the USA and England, has competed at a national level and was a groom for a member of the Canadian Equestrian Three Day Event Team. Since 2010, Tania has ridden over three thousand kilometers of wilderness trails. Tania's Pack 'Em Up Ride Em Out is the real out back horse camping book, but Go Horse Camping is for the average rider. 

In between horses, Tania Millen learned to fly planes and paragliders, climbed rocks and ice, won bodybuilding competitions, skied mountains, designed and built a house after renovating too many, lived in England and Australia, became a scientist and spent 14 years remediating contaminated sites, trained as a professional chocolatier, got trained by her dog, unintentionally retired at 42, and wrote a bunch of words that people seem to like reading. Listen to Tania's interview and support her Kickstarter campaign.

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