Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

083- For the Love of Endurance Riding

When Ashley Tomaszewski heard that there was such a thing as endurance, riding, and it was in Ontario, she was intrigued.  After lots of research and asking questions, she was prepared to start training for her first ride. It seems like it all paid off as Ashley and her mare Splash finished their first ride at 25 miles in second place! She was hooked! Ashley’s next goal was to complete a couple more 25-mile rides in 2015 to gauge how ready they were to attempt a 50-mile ride, which they completed as their  the last ride in 2015 and she beat a number of personal goals as well. Ashley’s goals for 2016 include improving her time on the 50s and doing some rides in the U.S. Listen to Ashley as she shares her love of endurance riding!

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