Monday, 11 November 2013

High Visibility Horse Rain Sheet

Hunting Season is Over!!! Rejoice!!

The rear end of the Don't Shoot Me horse blanket.
I have the new Don't Shoot Me Horse Blankets. Yea!! I am very pleased with the quality and the colour is perfect. The reflective tape is a decent width which will pick up light. I will probably sew reflective tape to the shoulder area of the blanket.
A side view of the Don't Shoot Me rain sheet. 
The new breathable,lightweight, horse blanket from Don't Shoot Me.
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My horses live out 24/7 and all of them have a very decent coats. I bought these blankets for the hunting week only. We monitor our property during that hunting season and our neighbours respect our wishes, but I prefer be very cautious. 

Our dog Dylan usually wears a high visibility vest throughout the winter months when we hike through the bush because he resembles a coyote.