Thursday, 7 November 2013

About Double S

Double S is our sheep ranch in Ontario,Canada. We have 120 North Country Cheviot/Texel sheep and three horses, one dog - Dylan, and one cat - King Tut alias -Tutty. Two of the horses are Haflingers - Star and Moishe ( Muh-oi-she) and the third horse is the alpha horse in the herd - my Quarter horse Nova. 
Nova is a 17 year old Quarter Horse. The old style Quarter Horse - a big boy - solid with big feet. A power house of energy if he wants to be, but a everyday sweet heart. He a sensitive gentleman and the alpha horse of our herd. Nova sometimes does not appreciate the humor in the Haflinger antics.

   Star is a five year old Haflinger with a kind heart and willing attitude. He's a big boy for a Haflinger-15 hands. He's a hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin- love. Star is out-going, vivacious and he has a great sense of humor.
Moishe (Muh-oi-she) is a gentle doe eyed 3 year old Haflinger. He loves to explore absolutely everything with his very mobile lips. Moishe unties knots, picks up hats, and runs around the field with his latest toys. He usually engages Star in his delightful play. Moishe has a gentle, kind and trusting nature. He is a very beautiful soul.