Friday, 20 May 2016

085- Passionate About Horseracing and Writing

Lissa Oliver is an award winning horseracing journalist and has written three novels. Born in London, she has lived in Kildare, Ireland, since 1988 and writes for The Irish Field, International Thoroughbred, European Bloodstock News, Trainer Magazine, and Australian magazines Racetrack and Track To Track, among many others. She is an Executive Officer of the Irish Writers' Union and serves on the Board of Directors of the Irish Copyright Licensing Association. Lissa lives with her husband and large menagerie of pets who include Brenda the dog, Gary the bullock and Leitmotif, retired racehorse.

A great interview with a very interesting and talented woman. Give it a listen!

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Say Whoa to Colic in Horses!

SayWhoa! is a Revolutionary product which promotes the digestive flow assisting with normal bowel movements. Horses may become dehydrated and impacted by simple acts of weather changes, feeding, and exercise.  SayWhoa!  promotes the normal flow of digestion and assists in the elimination of retained stool.

Hailed as a miracle in a bottle, Say Whoa! has a following of loyal fans with fervent testimonials. One of the most famous Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer. Developed three years ago by Reba Martinez.  All natural product that helps relieve horse colic, fecal impaction, sand, gas, spasmodic or watery stools.

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