Friday, 13 December 2013

First Snowshoe of the Season

Dylan with his Bear Bell - early Fall.
Yesterday it snowed day and night. The result was two 
feet of snow. Today was my first snowshoe of the season. Dylan,our 120 lb. Alaskan Malamute/Rotti/shepherd dog, and I headed out.The horses were busy at the slow feeder and looked up briefly when they heard Dylan’s bear bell. I bell my dog to alert the wildlife.

Dylan's Bear Bell
Breaking Trail is never easy and each year it gets a little harder. I use ski poles to help me stay balanced. I made it halfway around our field and then retraced my steps packing down the trail. Dylan was off everywhere creating his own trail. 
dog in snow
Dylan checking out the bush.
snowshoes, ski poles
Snowshoes and Ski Poles
We really should venture out before 3 p.m as the days get shorter. The chance of encountering some poor jack rabbit,or deer becomes greater as dusk approaches. 

The Trail Home