Wednesday, 30 December 2015

074- EQUI-STIM Leg Saver

The EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER®  is a holistic multi-frequency system for equine therapy that is very successful at treating most lameness and health issues that seem to plague the athletic horse.  Inflammation is attacked and readily removed with the use of the Equi-Stim Leg Saver. Gary DesRoches is the father of the EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER founded Apr. 22, 1998 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Gary is a horse veteran with 48 years of experience in the Thoroughbred & Standardbred industry.

The EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER®, is an alternative therapy available to help the average horse owner rehabilitate and maintain their equine athlete. The EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER® uses fluctuating micro-current with pads and electro gel to treat lameness-causing injuries, disease, and soreness at the cellular level. Common causes of equine lameness that can benefit from the LEG SAVER® include: suspensory ligament injuries, bowed tendons, injuries to the fetlock, knee, and hock joints, laminitis, tying-up, and muscle soreness. The therapy is designed to be a cost-saving alternative to expensive drugs and injections, and is easy to use, coming with an instructional manual and DVD. EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER® assures results with a money-back guarantee. Listen to Gary DesRoches as he describes the benefits of this wonderful alternative therapy.

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