Tuesday, 23 February 2016

079- How to Balance Your Horse

The Balanced Horse Project™ recognizes the lack of answers, research, and resolutions referring to the conflicted horse. Natural, positive body changes, using empirical standards of investigation, research, and double blind testing, validated theories forming facts.

Founder, Patricia Cleveland merged her equestrian interests with experience, experimentation, and study, to define the independent science of Equilology™. Removing artificial elements and utilizing organic resources to transform injured or traumatized horses. Advanced body improvements beyond established standards required further investigation.

Patricia is an innovative thinker, who has developed her own system of universal body balancing. Techniques and protocols reshape the understanding of  the self-healing body. Releasing the physical stress promotes resistant free relationships.

Patricia instinctively knows how to positively influence a horse in work, without the use of artificial means; drugs, shoes, or expensive equipment. Watching her work, defies logic while illustrating a connection using invisible words shared with intelligent self-aware animals, who know exactly where it hurts.

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