Wednesday, 16 December 2015

073- Feeding the Senior Horse

In this interview, I consult with the holistic veterinarian, Dr. Christine King. We use my 17-year-old horse as an example and review the many options available for the senior horse owner.

Nature always wins...

“That's my approach to veterinary medicine these days: Nature always wins in the end, so we might as well follow its lead and save ourselves a whole lot of trouble.

"Nature's (bumbling) Apprentice" is another name for this adventure, because it's 
a road less traveled, and the only reliable road map I've found isn't a map at all; it's nature itself, in all its weird and wonderful ways.”

Dr. Christine King

Dr. Christine King is an Australian veterinarian, now based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Dr. King’s Aussie credentials are the equivalent of DVM, DipABVP (equine), MS.

During Dr. King’s career, She worked in private practice, university teaching hospitals, clinical research, and publishing. Still, after all that, Dr. King states that she is simply a girl who loves animals and other living things.

The first 6 years of Dr. King’s career were spent in private practice in Australia, working first in a rural mixed-animal practice and later in an equine hospital. From 1991 to 1994 she worked as a resident veterinarian at Veterinary Teaching Hospitals in Australia (University of Sydney) and the US (North Carolina State University).

After leaving NCSU  Dr. King took a break from active practice and worked as a veterinary medical writer and editor for several years. It proved to be a very productive time, because during those years she learned the ropes of the publishing industry and she wrote her first three books.


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