Saturday, 30 November 2013

Winter Riding Survival Gear for the Rider

Brrrrr, winter. Every year I seem to need more clothing. For the older rider, the aches and pains can keep you from enjoying your favourite sport. Over the years I've accumulated a number of products that I absolutely must have to get through the winter and I will share them with you.

If you are interested in what the vets have to say about cold winter riding, read this article by Dr Sallie Hyman 

My best winter survival product is Back On Track Therapeutic clothing. My new find this year is the Back On Track Long Johns. I have the therapeutic knee brace and the regular therapeutic gloves. I love these products!

Back On Track therapeutic long johns will end your search for the warmest breeches. All your winter breeches will be extra warm now if you wear the Back On Track long johns underneath them. Stay cozy while you ride, or while you do the barn chores.

If you have cold hands, Back On Track makes two types of gloves: riding gloves and regular gloves. The riding gloves are the answer for those riders who have arthritis and have difficulty holding the reins. These therapeutic gloves are also the answer for people with Raynaud's disease. 

What I love about the regular gloves is that you can wear them overnight when your hands ache. The gloves are made of a thin material and are very comfortable worn inside the house.These gloves are especially wonderful for arthritic hands!

Read testimonials from top World class riders on my web site Best Horse Products Review. Back On Track makes superior therapeutic products for riders, horses and dogs too. Stay warm and tuned to this blog. Next post will be about the animals.